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If you are

  • an original equipment manufacturer: you design and build industrial equipment for manufacturing, assembly, finishing, handling, packaging… and you need vision systems to ensure proper operation.

    We can help you meet your cost effectiveness requirements by providing you with taylor-made solutions such as: dedicated libraries with a given set of functions, ad-hoc optimized software for your specific hardware platform or innovative algorithms that address new problems in your market.

  • a vision integrator or value added reseller: you develop and set up custom vision systems based on the requirements of your customer, on a per project basis.

    We master the standard tools of the trade used in machine vision and we are able to implement them for you. We can also adapt them to your specific needs to achieve unusual requirements. We can also develop new tools based on your specifications.

  • an end-user: you want to equip your existing factory process with visions systems to improve your process throughput or quality control.

    We can help you by providing guidance and expertise in the areas related to image processing and machine vision, carry out feasibility studies on your cases or advise about the appropriateness of your solution. Unless you have sufficient in-house resources and competences, you will also need to appoint a vision integrator.

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